Arcachon Basin: an underwater fishing record

Benoit Gouillieux fished a 6.205 kg royal sea bream in the Arcachon basin. His catch was approved. He holds a world record.

On September 30, Benoît Gouillieux fished a 6.205 kg royal sea bream in the waters of the Arcachon basin, at the level of the Gallouneys, near the dune of Pilat in La Teste-de-Buch.
This 39-year-old Arcachonese biologist has been fishing for apnea since his earliest age in the Basin. Member of the Club des Fines flèches du bassin d’Arcachon, it is armed with a crossbow that he caught the fish while the visibility did not exceed one metre.
“I saw a shadow pass under the submerged blockhouse,” he said. On the beach, he asks a couple of holidaymakers to take a picture of him with his photograph and immediately puts it on a certified scale. Precautions necessary for certification by the European spearfishing records association.
“I am aware that there are much larger catches that have already been made without being approved.” A licence that pays nothing to the fisherman except for the satisfaction and insurance of several meals. His record was finally recognized worldwide. Moreover, it was achieved on his birthday. Gift.