The great cruise of the Arcachon bay = La Littorale

It is a circuit of 2h45 duration, fully commented. According to the company it can also be called “La Littorale” or “La Croisière Océane”
The boat in the direction of the course follows as closely as possible on the tide: the huts on stilts of “Île aux oiseaux”, the oyster parks, the fishing villages of the peninsula of Cap Ferret, crossed of the entrance of the basin, discovery of the Arguin Bank in front of the huge dune of Pilat, sailing in the former south pass.
In the last part of the excursion the boat runs along the Arcachonese beaches. Allows you to discover Pyla on sea, the Moulleau and the “winter city” drowned among the pines.
Possible departures Arcachon and Cap Ferret.