bus entre Parentis et La Teste

Bus route between Parentis and La Teste

On September 2nd, 2019, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region launched a bus line to reach La Teste from Parentis, Biscarrosse and Sanguinet. With a drawdown to the TER and 8 return trips per day from Monday to Friday and 5 on Saturdays. ADVANTAGES FOR THE USER The…

réensablement pointe du cap ferret

Cap Ferret: Emergency re-enactment work

The ocean continues to threaten the tip of Cap Ferret. Last weekend, with the great tidal coefficients, the waves gnawed three meters of beach in the space of a few hours. A brutal erosion that threatened to open a breach at the Pointe du Ferret,…

Arcachon Basin: an underwater fishing record

Benoit Gouillieux fished a 6.205 kg royal sea bream in the Arcachon basin. His catch was approved. He holds a world record. On September 30, Benoît Gouillieux fished a 6.205 kg royal sea bream in the waters of the Arcachon basin, at the level of…

Coke on the beaches of Arcachon

Friday, November 8, 2019, probably due to the bad weather at the beginning of the week. The Arcachon police recovered several kilos of drugs, presumably cocaine, washed up on the beaches of Arcachon. Other similar arrivals were recorded in Vendée and Landes.