The Leyre Delta


The Leyre Delta
It is a boat tour that allows you to discover a little-known part of the Basin, called here the little Amazon.
In reality, it was the river delta that created the Arcachon Bay:  La Leyre.
The trip lasts 3:30 from Arcachon.
Departures are in the early afternoon.
This pinasse tour takes place only during high tides (coeficient > 80).
Carried by the tidal current, the pinasse will move up the arm of the Leyre leading to the Teich Ornithological Park, then turn back to take the arm of Leyre leading to the beautiful port of Biganos.
Your pinasse will sail in the heart of the delta in a unique and wild atmosphere.
If conditions permit, the boatman will offer you a brief stopover

Schedule and prices of the cruise Delta de Leyre