Navette UBA

Resumption of uba shuttles and beaches

As in the rest of the Gironde, the beaches could open from 1 June depending on the prefecture, subject to the evolution of the health situation

The Prefect of Gironde has confirmed the 4th may to the mayors of the basin of Arcachon gathered during an office of the Siba (Intercommunal Syndicate of the basin of Arcachon) that the beaches could reopen from June 1, but according to modalities that are not yet defined and especially according to the evolution of the health situation.

The transport shuttles on the Arcachon basin (UBA and others) will be able to operate earlier as soon as the deconfinement, from 11 May, but not the tourist excursions on the water always forbidden. Boaters will also be able to take their boats out of the ports on May 11, and dead bodies.