Departure by boat from Le Moulleau


Boarding of the Thiers pier in Le Moulleau possible from 13 juin to 13 septembre .
The boarding of the Moulleau is done by a staircase, it can be done at low tide of the beach by ladder.
When strong waves departures are cancelled. The boarding of bicycles can be refused when bad conditions.
Maritime activity is maintained year-round from Thiers Pier in Arcachon(4 km ) lien: Boats departing Arcachon

1. Cruises (s) from Le Moulleau le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022

No scheduled excursion le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022.

Program in 2022 not yet available.
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2. Marine shuttles from Le Moulleau le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022

2a. Le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022 one solution for Cap Ferret Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

2b. Le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022 one solution for Arcachon Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

3. Future special boat trips from Le Moulleau

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4. Future special boat trips from Arcachon

(Le moulleau Arcachon 5 km).

No special boat trip from Arcachon (The programme may not be available yet).

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village The Moulleau et tourism

Le Moulleau is a district of Arcachon, located west of the municipality and north of Pyla-sur-Mer. Le Moulleau is open to the Basin.
This village was built around the church of Notre Dame des Passes. It overlooks the area and is aligned with the Cape Ferret Pier and Lighthouse.
On the Place du Front-de-mer, a cannon recalls the defense device of the entrance of the passes under Napoleon. Canon found under the sand.
At the end of the 19th century, the area consisted essentially of a hotel, a church and fishing houses. The resins were in their resins huts in the forest. Access to the Moulleau could be done by car but with wide wheels allowing to circulate on the sand.
Two sanatoriums were built there. In 1911 a tram connected the Moulleau to the center of Arcachon.

Gabrièle d’Annunzio

Gabrièle d’Annunzio there was certainly the most famous host. Exiled to France because of debts contracted in Italy, he moved to Moulleau where he wrote some of his most beautiful works including « Le Martyre de Saint-Sébastien ».

Village The Moulleau today

Today in season and the beautiful spring weekends, it is a lively venue with many chic boutiques and trendy cafés open late at night. It is one of the most convivial places in Arcachon.

Les principaux sites au Moulleau

  • Notre dame des passes built in 1863 by Bordeaux architect Louis Garros to serve as chapel to the Dominican convent.
  • On the Place du Front-de-mer, a cannon recalls the defence device of the entrance of the passes under Napoleon.
  • Villa Kypris, from the Guérin-Dorlet family, one of the seaside villas, early century or Art Deco, built in the 1920s by architect Roger Expert born in Arcachon.
  • Former sanatoriums.


These boats were initially dedicated to fishing or oyster farming and later to boat trips. During the 20th century, they became pleasure craft. These boats are now equipped with all modern comforts and represent most of the pinnacles that we meet today on the ports of the Arcachon Basin. Despite the composite materials, modern pinnacles retain their distinctive silhouette.