Departure by boat from Cap Ferret


Boarding from Cap Ferret possible all year round.

1. Cruises (s) from Cap Ferret le Lundi 20 Mars 2023

boarding timecruise linkachatdurationadult pricechild pricenote
14h30Tour de ile aux oiseauxAchat02h0019.0€14.0€

2. Marine shuttles from Cap Ferret le Lundi 20 Mars 2023

2a. Liaison maritime Cap Ferret➔Arcachon (30mn).

heure embarquementachattarif adultetarif enfanttarif velonote
09h30 - Jetée BelisaireAchat9.0 €7.0 €6 €
11h30 - Jetée BelisaireAchat9.0 €7.0 €6 €
14h30 - Jetée BelisaireAchat9.0 €7.0 €6 €
18h00 - Jetée BelisaireAchat9.0 €7.0 €6 €

Day tickets are not valid after 7pm.
difficult to board or disembark persons with reduced mobility at low tide

Horaires des retour Arcachon➔Cap Ferret
09h00 11h00 14h00 17h30
Day tickets are not valid after 7pm.
difficult to board or disembark persons with reduced mobility at low tide

2b. Le Lundi 20 Mars 2023 one solution for Le Moulleau Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

2c. Le Lundi 20 Mars 2023 one solution for Dune du Pilat Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

2d. Le Lundi 20 Mars 2023 une seule solution pour Andernos Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

Going to Andernos by boarding your bike allows you to return to Cap Ferret by discovering the bike paths (40kM).

3. Future special boat trips from Cap Ferret

No more Special tour programmed from Cap Ferret (Program may not yet be available).

4. Future special boat trips from Arcachon

(Maritime connection with Arcachon free of charge).
date embarquementheure embarquementlien circuitachatduréetarif adultetarif enfantnote
30 Apr12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
07 May12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
14 May12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
28 May12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
04 Jun12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
04 Jun08h00Peche sur le BassinAchat04h0034.0 €26.0 €sur reservation 0557722828
11 Jun12h00Croisiere repasAchat02h3069.0 €62.0 €05 57 72 28 28 min:15 pax
11 Jun08h00Peche sur le BassinAchat04h0034.0 €26.0 €sur reservation 0557722828

☎ : 05 57 72 28 28.


The Cap Ferret peninsula and tourism


Located in the Pays de Buch, Lège-Cap-Ferret extends along the peninsula of the same name which separates the Arcachon basin from the Atlantic Ocean and thus protects the basin from the wrath of the ocean.
The municipality of Lège Cap Ferret has only been in existence since 1976. Most of it was administratively attached to the municipality of La Teste. The history of the peninsula is very recent. For a very long time, it was only a point of fall for the fishermen of the basin. A place of pine trees and dunes.


At the beginning of the oyster farming some families began to settle there with the permission of the administration. Its proximity to the bird island with its parks, a very good protection vis a vis the prevailing westerly winds motivated the first settlements First seasonal then definitive. This is how the series of small villages, such as Claouey, Piquey, Le Canon, L’Herbe, Belisaire etc, were born. Arcachon’s tourist development encouraged the tourist development of the peninsula. First boat connections (Le courrier du Cap) at the beginning of the Xxm century. For about thirty years the tourist vocation is accelerating. The municipality is committed to preserving a very present natural environment. We no longer count the celebrities who come to rest there in the summer.

Noroit coast

It is a sand arrow about twenty kilometres long that constitutes the commune Lège Cap Ferret. It is a set of dunes covered with sea pines.
On the west side we find huge ocean beaches bordering dunes covered with oyats.
On the side of the basin, there are many small fishermen’s villages and b>oyster farmers/b> on the beach.

Cap ferret yesterday

The population has recently arrived mainly from the municipalities of b>la Teste/b> and b>Ares/b>. They came to settle in the weather of the beautiful season on «pontoons» kinds of barges. They stranded them on the beaches to come and live in the summer hunting and gathering. Little by little these families settled there definitively, refuelled by boat. The first road was built around 1930.

Le Cap Ferret aujourd’hui

Today it is a popular resort. Beautiful villas have been built, but the setting here is very well preserved and one finds a picturesque that makes all its charm.
The cycle paths in the middle of the pines, and the boat trips along the b>oyster parks/b> and fishing villages that border the peninsula of Cap Ferret will allow you to capture all the charm of this peninsula.

Les Principaux cites de la Presqu’île du Cap Ferret

  • The beaches of the peninsula, 25 km of beaches along the dunes.
  • The Arcachon Basin with its many boat trips from Cap Ferret.
  • The subdivision of Lège, first terraced villas by Le Corbusier.
  • National Salt Meadow Nature Reserve.
  • Piraillan’s tanks.
  • The oyster farm village of Canon.
  • The Village of L’Herbe.
  • The Algerian chapel, it is located in the village of l’Herbe and is the last witness of a Moorish domain destroyed in part in 1965.
  • The Cap-Ferret tram from the Bélisaire landing.
  • The Cap-Ferret lighthouse (52 m, 258 steps) which offers a superb panorama over the Arcachon basin and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • La Conche du Mimbeau, with its vegetation both dune and lagoon, and a beautiful beach.

Boat trips from Cap Ferret

With the arrival of the railway at Arcachon in 1841, the first visitors come to discover the peninsula where the first small inns settle, these tourists come by boat often in pinasse and this becomes a real activity for sailors. These work boats used for fishing or oyster farming are equipped in summer as a passenger pinnacle. They are moved for boat departures from Cap Ferret in the summer. The boatmen organize themselves in association. The fleet now includes some thirty more modern boats, specially adapted for the promenade. Nowadays there are still some pinnacles of passenger transport available for day trips or for renting.

Pinasses, boat of Cap Ferret

These boats were initially dedicated to fishing or oyster farming and later to boat trips. During the 20th century, they became pleasure craft. These boats are now equipped with all modern comforts and represent most of the pinnacles that we meet today on the ports of the Arcachon Basin. Often made of composite materials, modern pinnacles are less and less made of pine wood, but they still retain their characteristic silhouette.