Departure by boat from Le Canon


Boarding of the Thiers pier in Le Canon possible from 11 juin to 25 septembre .
Outside this period the nearest boarding (4km ) Lien: Boat from Cap Ferret.

1. Cruises (s) from Le Canon le Mardi 07 Février 2023

No scheduled excursion le Mardi 07 Février 2023.

Program in 2023 not yet available.
 location bateau Une seule solution Rent a boat for a group.

2. Marine shuttles from Le Canon le Mardi 07 Février 2023

2a. Le Mardi 07 Février 2023 one solution for Arcachon Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

3. Future special boat trips from Le Canon

No more Special tour programmed from Le Canon (Program may not yet be available).

4. Future special boat trips from Cap Ferret

(The jetty of the Cap ferret is at a distance of 4 km from Le Canon).

No special boat trip from Cap Ferret (The programme may not be available yet).

5. Future special boat trips from Arcachon

(To Arcachon take the sea shuttle from Belisaire ).

No special boat trip from Arcachon (The programme may not be available yet).

☎ Arcachon: 05 57 72 28 28.


The village The Canon

The village of The Canon is a must in Cap Ferret. In spring the place is just magic, in summer it is extraordinary.
The colourful oyster huts, the main alley dotted with oyster shells, the mimosas in bloom. Everything is there to immerse you in a world apart. Time for an oyster tasting in front of the Bassin.
A small beach is accessible to all tides in the middle of the bay. Rather small, it is quickly crowded. If you arrive early enough you will undoubtedly spend a beautiful day facing the Arcachon Basin. The name comes from a large cast iron cannon. This cannon stayed a long time. It remains as a memory of the maritime wars against the English during the Revolution and the First Empire.

Les pinasses

These boats were initially dedicated to fishing or oyster farming and later to boat trips. During the 20th century, they became pleasure craft. These boats are now equipped with all modern comforts and represent most of the pinnacles that we meet today on the ports of the Arcachon Basin. Often made of composite materials, modern pinnacles are less and less made of pine wood, but they still retain their characteristic silhouette.