Departure by boat from Arcachon


Boarding of the Thiers pier in Arcachon possible all year round.
Some cruises depart from the Eyrac pier in season.

1. Cruises (s) from Arcachon le Dimanche 04 Décembre 2022

boarding timecruise linkachatdurationadult pricechild pricenote
11h15Bird Island TourAchat02h0017.0€12.0€
11h15Bird Island Tour with stopoverAchat02h0023.0€16.0€
14h15Bird Island TourAchat02h0017.0€12.0€
14h15Bird Island Tour with stopoverAchat02h0023.0€16.0€
15h00Bird Island TourAchat02h0017.0€12.0€

2. Marine shuttles from Arcachon le Dimanche 04 Décembre 2022

2a. Liaison maritime Arcachon➔Cap Ferret (30mn).

heure embarquementachattarif adultetarif enfanttarif velonote
09h00 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €
11h00 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €
12h00 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €
14h00 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €
16h00 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €
17h30 - Jetée ThiersAchat8.0 €6.0 €6 €

Day tickets are not valid after 7pm .
difficult to board or disembark persons with reduced mobility at low tide

Horaires des retour Cap Ferret➔Arcachon
09h30 11h30 14h30 16h30 18h00
Day tickets are not valid after 7pm .
difficult to board or disembark persons with reduced mobility at low tide

2b. Le Dimanche 04 Décembre 2022 one solution for Le Canon Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

2c. Le Dimanche 04 Décembre 2022 one solution for Le Moulleau Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

2d. Le Dimanche 04 Décembre 2022 une seule solution pour Andernos Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

Going to Andernos by boarding your bike allows you to return to Arcachon by discovering the bike paths (40kM).

3. Future special boat trips from Arcachon

No more Special tour programmed from Arcachon (Program may not yet be available).

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Arcachon and tourism

Arcachon seaside resort

In 1823, a sailor by the name of François Legallais opened a seaside bathing establishment aimed at a well-to-do clientele. The journey at the time was tedious.
Rich bankers in Bordeaux, the Pereire brothers developed summer and thermal tourism. They acquired the land in what was then the used forest of Arcachon where they founded the Winter City. From that moment on, the city continued to be enriched with establishments that encouraged luxury and relaxation. Example the famous Beach Casino built in 1853 also called Deganne Castle named after its builder.
The site already appreciated for the quality of its climate, then experiences a very fast growth of people arrive by train from all the region.

Port project

In 1841, a railway line connects Bordeaux and La Teste-de-Buch. In 1845, a deep water landing was built on the bay five kilometres north of La Teste-de-Buch. This will become the strong>pier of Eyrac/strong> to strong>Arcachon/strong>, a road, traced through the salty meadows, the dessert.
Shortly after Bankers and owners of the railway between Bordeaux and La Teste decided to extend the line to strong>Arcachon./strong> The idea is to make this place a commercial and port hub. The intention was initially to create a maritime link with Spain.
The commercial project was not very successful.

Arcachon health station

Arcachon at first is considered a health resort: Thalassotherapy, climatotherapy and even later thermalism. The discovery in 1923 of the source Sainte-Anne des Abatilles, will accelerate this vocation later.

Birth of Arcachon

Arcachon, former district of La Teste de Buch, will be erected as a commune by imperial decree on May 2, 1857. Alphonse Lamarque de Plaisance was its first mayor. He is also the father of the city motto: Heri solitudo, hodie vicus, cras civitas soit: Hier désert, aujourd’hui village, demain cité.

The main sites in Arcachon

    • The basin of Arcachon is a near-closed maritime site in the form of a cove that borders the Pyla dune, pleasant but relatively difficult to access to the boats.
    • La ville d’hiver with a few hundred villas listed in very original styles in a quiet and shaded area with a lot of history.
    • The Sailors’ Chapel with its virgin and child found on the beach 5 centuries ago is a place of worship whose walls are covered with ex-voto, gifts of sailors saved from the waters.
    • Le belvédère Sainte-Cécile est une flèche métallique qui surplombe la ville et offre un point de vue sur le bassin.
    • La pointe de l’Aiguillon est un quartier d’strong>Arcachon/strong> au style typique oú subsiste les dernières cabanes du village de pêcheurs.
    • L’église Notre-Dame des Passes dans le quartier du Moulleau, quartier très animé en été.


  • Sainte-Cécile Lookout is a metal spire that overlooks the city and offers a view of the basin.
  • Pointe de l’Aiguillon is a district of strong>Arcachon/strong> with a typical style where the last huts of the fishing village remain.
  • The church of Notre-Dame des Passes in the Moulleau district, a lively area in summer.
  • The port of strong>Arcachon/strong> is the second marina in the Atlantic it is also a fishing port.
  • Pereire beach with sea gardens, lawns.
  • Bike rides from the Port d’strong>Arcachon/strong> to the Moulleau district.
  • The Arcachonnais waterfront to be discovered by boat at the same time as the Île aux Oiseaux and the Cabanes tchanquées.

Departure by boat from Arcachon

With the arrival of the railway in 1841, the first tourists poured on the coast of the Pays de Buch. The paid walk in strong>pinasse/strong> becomes a real activity for sailors. Tourists walk from La Teste de Buch to Arcachon, then along the beaches and to the oyster parks.
These first passenger pinnacles are often initially working pinnacles used in fishing or oyster farming. They are moved for the strong>boat trips from arcachon/strong> in summer. Boatmen organize themselves in association. The fleet now includes some thirty more modern strong>boats/strong> specially adapted for the walk. Nowadays there are still some pinnacles of passenger transport available for excursions

The pinasses boats Arcachonnais

These boats were initially used for fishing or oyster farming. Later used for the strong>boat trips from Arcachon./strong> They will become during the 20th century pleasure craft. These strong>pinasses/strong> are equipped with all modern comforts. They represent most of the strong>pinasses/strong> that we meet today on the ports of the strong>Bassin d’Arcachon/strong>. Very often of composite materials. Modern pinnacles are now rarely built of pine wood. They nevertheless retain their characteristic silhouette.