Departure by boat from Andernos


Embarkation of the jetty of Andernos possible between 1 juin et 29 octobre.
tidal problems limit the supply of departures.

1. Future cruise(s) from Andernos le Mardi 07 Février 2023

boarding date and timecruise linkachatdurationadult pricechild pricenote
04/04 16h30Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
05/04 17h00Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
06/04 17h30Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
17/04 15h30Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
18/04 16h00Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
19/04 16h30Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
20/04 17h15Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale
21/04 17h30Gd Tour île aux oiseauxAchat02h3030.0€23.0€Pas escale

2. Future Marine shuttles from Andernos le Mardi 07 Février 2023

2a. Andernos➔Arcachon (60mn)

 date et heure embarquementachattarif adultetarif enfanttarif velonote
04 Apr à 19h00 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
05 Apr à 19h30 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
06 Apr à 20h00 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
07 Apr à 18h00 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
08 Apr à 18h30 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
09 Apr à 19h00 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
10 Apr à 19h45 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €
11 Apr à 20h00 - Jetée AndernosAchat11.0 €8.0 €6 €

Limited seating

Le 04 Apr à 15h30; Le 05 Apr à 16h00; Le 06 Apr à 16h30; Le 07 Apr à 14h30; Le 08 Apr à 15h00; Le 09 Apr à 15h30; Le 10 Apr à 16h15; Le 11 Apr à 16h30;
Limited seating

2b. Le Mardi 07 Février 2023 one solution for Ferret Bateau Taxi. Bateau Taxi

Going to Cap Ferret by embarking your bike allows you to return to Andernos by discovering bibe routes (40kM).

3. Future special boat trips from Andernos

No more Special tour programmed from Andernos (Program may not yet be available).

☎ : 05 57 72 28 28.


Andernos les bains and tourism

Andernos is a bit the capital of the Arcachon Basin, it is a magnificent seaside resort very active and very lively in season.
The funds of the Basin include the part between Biganos and Ares that is to say a whole series of small communes like Audenge, Cassis, Taussat etc.
It is also the gateway to the Nord Bassin, since it is the nearest boarding place for Lacanau, Le Porge etc and the entire Bordeaux region.
As all the ports of the Basin bottom currently access by boat can only be done around the high seas.
Departures are usually made from the main jetty of Andernos baths when floating pontoons are installed. While waiting for their installations the departures are made from the port of Betey


Andernos has been inhabited since about 10,000 years ago. This occupation is attested by the discovery of thousands of objects on the banks and mouth of the stream «Le Bétey», towards the marina of the same name.


During the Gallo-Roman period, Andernos is an important city. The Gallo-Roman town was destroyed by the barbarian (Germanic) invasions. However, there are remains of it, next to the church of Saint-Éloi, not far from the oyster port (probably an old Roman villa).


During the revolution, the parish of Saint-Éloi d’Andernos formed the commune of Andernos.
Andernos Castle was located about 2 km from the church and the basin. It completely disappeared, destroyed in 1845.


In 1851, a large part to the north and north-east of the municipality acquired its autonomy to form the municipality of Ares.
The city of Andernos officially takes the name of Andernos-les-Bains by decree of December 13, 1897
Sarah Bernhardt stayed in Andernos at the beginning of September 1914 to October 1915 before and after her amputation in Bordeaux on February 22, 1914.
Toulouse Lautrec resided with the Wurtz family (now camping de Fontainevieille) from 1885 before going to live in Taussat with his friend Fabre.

David Allègre (1786-1846), Ares’s squire inventor of the world’s first steam trawler, was a municipal councillor, general councillor, justice of the peace.

Main sights in Andernos les bains

  • Prehistoric site of the Betey. The objects discovered show a continuous human occupation of these shores, partly covered by water. Prehistoric occupation begins with the presence of nomadic hunter-fisher-gatherers from the age of -8,500 B.C.
  • The church of Saint-Éloi was a relay of the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela. Built on the ruins of a Gallo Roman villa (the remains of which are partly visible next to the church). It dates from the 11th century.
  • The Gallo-Roman remains located in the ancient cemetery, near the church of Saint-Éloi.
  • The Louis David House. Near downtown, the Ignota Villa, built in several stages from 1908 to 1914.
  • Quinconces natural site: Les Quinconces was a place of stroll frequented, among others, by Sarah Bernhardt during her stays in Andernos-les-Bains. This site remains one of the last natural areas to have resisted the intensive urbanization of the last 50 years.
  • The pier of Andernos-les-Bains is the longest of the basin with its 232 meters. This book, conceived long before the First World War by Louis David, was not built until 1926.

The pinasses

These boats were initially dedicated to fishing or oyster farming. Later used for boat trips. During the 20th century, they became pleasure craft. Today, these pinnacles are equipped with all modern comforts. They represent most of the pinnacles that we meet today on the ports of the Arcachon Basin. Today, modern pinnacles are made of pine wood. Nevertheless, they retain their characteristic silhouette.